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Newsletter Subject: Addictions, Drunkenness and Witchcraft

We Teach Weekly Saturday mornings at 10:30: Our heart is set­ting cap­tives free through in-depth bib­li­cal teach­ings of God’s Word, bib­li­cal insight into the med­ical and learn how to iden­tify and resolve spir­i­tual roots of dis­ease in your life and in oth­ers. We min­is­ter and appro­pri­ate God’s Word with com­pas­sion and love for the hurt­ing, sick and­ set­ting cap­tives free.

Live Streaming 10:45 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012 – – This week is free. Sound has been fixed

This week’s subject: Addictions, Drunkenness and Witchcraft – What Comes in…. after teaching, group ministry, We will be finished approx. 12:15 p.m.

What’s Controlling You – Rules You!

Our objective is to explain how the Unloving/Unclean/Antichrist Spirit is at the root of all Addictions. Because a person hasn’t received true love as a foundation for their live, they search diligently for love and they always have a “need to be loved” that goes unfulfilled.
We will describe the symptoms and effects of Addictions. If you have addictions, hopefully, we’ll expose that enemy in your life so you can be free. In addictions, especially alcohol, you have an inherited curse. When we think about addictions, we think of things like smoking and drinking. But addictions run deeper than that. To deal with stress do you shop until you drop even if you cannot afford it! It could be an addiction! Anything you cannot lay down by an act of your will is an ADDICTION. Addictions result because of rejection by parents through abandonment. It can be inherited but addictions will never give you the true love. What controls you – rules you! The force behind addictions is the NEED TO BE LOVED.
Given up smoking but have a new addiction! There can be switching addictions, such as to sweets or carbohydrates. One can be addicted to relationships. These are just a few.
Breaking Bad Habits:
  • Get a person not to do something for 28 days and get them to do the opposite
  • Break the mindset long-term memory still there that programs them
  • Spiritual healing done; broken heart, unloving spirits, generational curses, genetic impurity
  • Renew your mind with the Word of God of who you are in Him.
  • Our bodies belong to the Lord and we have a responsibility to give them proper rest, exercise and good nutrition. Mega amounts of vitamin, mineral and herb supplements are motivated by fear
  • Know who your identity is in Christ. You are the bride of Christ.

Leaving for Philippines in October 2012 – Stop Human Trafficking – Save the Children – Come Back Bring Awareness

In Philippines working with evangelist (salvation crusade) – Working together with existing organization: Tacloban Full Gospel Assembly, Philippines and going with Living Water World Ministries in Dallas and Arron Crider and many others. We will be face to face with the vic­tims, mostly chil­dren recov­ered from their inhu­man plight to free­dom from sex slav­ery and abuse to share the love of God and reach out to them in prayers, hope, value and love that surpass understanding.

Our Mission: Going into 10 Villages in Philippines exposing and educating people to the truth about Sex Slavery to help prevent parents in giving away their children to traffickers who promise a better life for their children. I will be video interviewing parents, victims of human trafficking of their horror stories of sex slavery. This is a $40 billion-a-year growing industry and how 800,000 estimated children reported missing each year in America and how 16% of Philippines are sold in America for human sex trafficking. Read more about this problemWatch 8:12 Min. Video – Your children are at risk! Learn how they lure children in America.

Our goal is as follows:

  1. an engage­ment of the whole gospel with the pre­sen­ta­tion of the Lord Jesus Christ our Sav­ior and Healer inte­grated with Jesus and com­pas­sion expressed in prac­ti­cal ways to the unsaved and sur­vivors through love and min­is­ter heal­ing and deliverance to restore them phys­i­cally, men­tally, spiritually and their broken hearts.
  2. Bring medicine and food and clothing to victims of human trafficking for those suffering from STD, HIV and tuberculosis, malnourished.
  3. Create documentary videos by interviewing victims and parents in Philippines and in the United States and share back in the states to bring awareness in churches, college community, schools, hospitals.
  4. Create training DVD’s for emergency room nurses to know how to recognize victims of trafficking to help rescue victims into shelters.
  5. Create awareness DVD’s for schools to bring awareness of how the social media is being used by predators to kidnap children and much more

Support me as I go to the Philippines to help bring awareness and help save our Children!


Thank you!


Upcoming Events

8/31 – 7:00 p.m. on Friday, Prophetess, Rose Poole: 1905 Central Drive, Suite 205B, Bedford, TX 76021 – come and be blessed. Learn more

09/01 – 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning: Addictions, Drunkenness and Witchcraft, in Dallas/Fort Worth area for those who live in the area followed by group ministry. Call for directions. We have two more weeks left.

New Healing/Deliverance Series Starting This Fall! Free (love offering accepted) We will start again and move to a new location at 1905 Central Drive, Suite 205B, Bedford, TX 76021. Date will be announced soon! We will meet at 12:15 p.m. instead of 10:30 a.m.

Save the Children – Stop Human Trafficking Leave for Philippines – I will be Ministering and Evangelizing with Living Waters World Ministries. Working together with existing organization in Philippines as well as traveling wih Aaron Crider evangelistic outreach to the hurting, milnistering healing physically, emotionally and spiritually, deliverance from drug and alcohol addictions. We will be traveling to 10 villages and will be face to face with the vic­tims, mostly chil­dren recov­ered from their inhu­man plight to free­dom from sex slav­ery and abuse to share the love of God and reach out to them in prayers, hope, value and love that surpass understanding.

Watch 8.18 Min. video.


Contact Info: email: Phone: 817-381-8115
LIVE STREAMING This week’s class will be live streamed for those out of town. We have the sound situation fixed.

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