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The Power of Our Prayers are Powerful

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John 14:13-14 Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it

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Do we truly understand who we are and the power of prayer?Wake up church and called out ones.  It is time to go to WAR and TAKE BACK our Cities and Nations by Proclaiming the Word of God over your homes, cities and nations.  We must be his mouthpiece so that his ministry will continue to go forth in healing the broken hearted, in setting captives free, in recovering the site to the blind, and setting at liberty those who are oppressed.  Luke 4:18.

When you gave your life to the Lord, you were assigned angels, you became part of the army of God.  As I said earlier what we say – blessings or curses effect the invisible world to the physical world.  Just think if we prayed as warriors.  Do you want anointing in your life?

Our sins effect the land and air around us.  If blood shed through sacrifices, abortions, then the heavens like rock. Jer.23:29 “Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?

Pray with the Word of God (1) washes like water, (2) cleanses and (3) sanctifies.  There is power in the Word of God.  Jesus clamed the winds and the seas of Galilee.  Now the Lord is saying to us to proclaim His Word, it does go forth and cleanse and sanctify His people.  At the same time, it also torments the demons. 

Our prayers are heard from God and move the hand of God.  All prayers appear like smoke that is rising toward heaven.

Some prayers appear like smoke that drifts along and vanishes in the air.  These prayers come from people who have sin in their lives that they are not willing to deal with.   It is time to be Holy and walk in Holiness of the Lord.

Another type of prayer is also like smoke. It rises upward until it reaches the rock; it cannot break through the rock.  These prayers usually come from people who try to purify themselves, but who lack faith as they pray.  We need radical faith and truth the Lord in all things.

The third type of prayer is like smoke that is filled with fire.  As it rises upward, it is so hot that when it reaches the rock, the rock begins to melt like wax. Our prayers pierces the rock and goes through.  And as you continue to pray ferverent, the prayers ignite into flames.  Their prayers become so powerful that they pierce through the rock.

The demons know when your prayers are being ignited and will try to stop you.  How: Distract that person from prayer.  Many times Christians yield to these distractions. They project thoughts that feel as your own to do something or call someone or check your computer for messages.

When in intense prayer, the telephone rings and you think you can go answer it and then come back and continue praying.  However, when you return, you go back to the beginning. Other distractions, may touch your body, bringing pain somewhere.  They may make you hungry, causing you to want to go to the kitchen to prepare something to eat.  Know the tactics so that your prayer will pierce through the rock to heaven.

If the people persist in this kind of prayer and allow themselves to be inspired in the spirit and to keep going, something happens in the spirit.  The fire touches that rock, and it melts.  The man said that when the melting begins, it is so hot that no demon spirit can stand it.  They all flee. When you pray the Word of God, There comes an opening in the spiritual realm what I call open heaven.

The presence of the Lord is like a pillar from heaven resting on our lives.  You are protected, and there is so much power inside the pillar that as they move around with you.  The anointing is strong for salvation, healing for the sick because of the manifested presence of God.  Do you want that in your life to be used by God for salvation, healing, deliverance, prophecy, teaching, preaching?

The demonic realm hates people who can break the rock and will tempt you in all areas of your life.  They know your weakness and so it is important to put on the Whole armor of God daily – It is not our Armor – especially when you go into intense prayer.

When prayer breaks through like that, the answer will always come.  Remember Daniel, the angel was detailed and the answer was detained because of the war in Heaven.  If you are standing for an answer, pray until you get a release and then watch your thoughts and what comes out of your mouth.  We should learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  He guides us in paths of righteousness. If you get wakened in the middle of the night then ask if you are to pray.  If you feel impressed to fast then fast and don’t put it off.  Many things move in the heavenly realm.  We can make a difference in the spiritual realm to manifest on the earth – salvation, healing, deliverance, answered prayers, protection, etc. etc. etc.

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Traci Morin

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