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Divination / Fortunetelling

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“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you (the priestly nation) have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you shall be no priest to Me; seeing you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children.”  Hosea 4:6

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Divination / FortunetellingDid you ever do it for fun – fortunetelling?  Did you think it was harmless?

Did you ever do tea-leaf reading, palm-reading, and a few other things thinking nothing about it?  Did you know that gave legal right to the demonic spirits.  Did you know when you did these things it was against God’s Word?  But at the time thought it was harmless.  Deut. 18:9-14, Lev. 20:6, 27, Numbers 23:21-23.

We need to understand one thing.  We have an enemy who will not leave one single stone unturned in our lives to steal, kill or destroy or even more so after we have opened up our lives for the Spirit of Christ.  Since the earliest of times the enemy made it his business to mimic the Gifts of the Spirit.

Many people advertise themselves in the media as fortune-tellers, madame this-or-that, palm readers, tarot card readers, augurs, etc.  and describe themselves as using gifts from God.

The moment we let ourselves into the “practice” of one of these workers of darkness, we give the enemy of our spirit, soul and body a legal right to use that information against us at any given time in our lives.

What do we get?   A “Curse” sometimes weird things happening that you cannot explain, maybe cannot get ahead and you feel blocked.  Can you relate?  How about weird sicknesses the doctor cannot figure out what?  It is time to go through personal cleansing through repentance for involvement in such things listed or not listed.,

The whole Word is one of choice: Blessings or curses.  Blessings if you are obedience and curses when/if you sin.  Every promise in the Word is conditional and dependent upon our Obedience.
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