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Demonic Oppression, Sickness and Disease – Restoring Your Life

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Proverbs 14:27 “The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death.”

The fear of the Lord involves the “law of the wise,” (Prov. 13:14), for the same things are predicated of both. The truly wise person recognizes that the will of the Lord is the law for his life, and that it will lead him to life eternal, and so he will depart from those things which would ensnare him in sin, which leads to death. This verse clearly shows that this “fear” is not some trembling, quaking experience, for “fountain of life” suggests its enjoyable, refreshing character. This fear involves trust, and promotes confidence, but not presumption, which moves upon a lack of fear.Free 2 Half-Day Healing & Deliverance Seminar: January 19 – 20, 2013

When: Saturday & Sunday, January 19-20 (2 half days)
Time: Saturday: 12:15 to 6:30 p.m. and Sunday 1:30 to 6:00 or 6:30
Location: 1905 Central Dr., Bedford, Texas (see location)
Format: Classroom (not online) see other options below
Seminar Cost: Free Seminar Free. If you like to have 2 eBooks manuals, (Smith Wigglesworth “Ever Increasing Your Faith” and Andrew Murray “Divine Healing”), plus three (3) weekends on more teaching and ministry for those who want ministry.Register today  !

Our heart, Touch of God Ministries, is set­ting cap­tives free through in-depth bib­li­cal teach­ings of God’s Word, bib­li­cal insight into the med­ical and learn how to iden­tify and resolve spir­i­tual roots of dis­ease in your life and in oth­ers. We min­is­ter and appro­pri­ate God’s Word with com­pas­sion and love for the hurt­ing, sick and­ set­ting cap­tives free. Read more about it!

In October/November 2012, I went to Philippines and China on an evangelistic trip to save souls, minister to human trafficking.  On my way to the Island, we were delayed for two days because of a monsoon.  After two days we were able to leave Cibu Island to Letye Island to a town called Tacloban, but encountered mudslides.  We were on a bus and I knew I did not want to go bck to the next two but move forward.  God was good and provided help from 4 young men who carried our luggage around the mudslide to the other side.  The next morning, teaching, ministering and so on and so forth.  Unfortunately, the family bus had a flat and so more delays.  God is good.  We kept praying and keeping an attitude of praise through all our ordeal.  God had a plan.

That night we had a crusade in Tacloban down by the sea wall.  Many lives were saved.  Our last day at this church in Tacloban, God moved and many people were touched and many restorations took place.  It was so awesome.  Forgiveness, repentance, and everything else was happening.  I will never forget that day.  See some of the pictures below!

Traci Morin


2-Day Seminar – January 19 & 20 2013 Learn more about it by going to link.

Coming Soon! Buy your own set of MP3 Audio teachings, over 20 hours.


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Evangelistic Outreach in Tacloban, Philippines – video

Outreach to the Children Trapped in Human Trafficking – video – We are raising money to start feeding programs and eventually build an orphanage to help these children abandoned by their parents.  A team going back in April to start the programs.


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