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Online School of Ministry Classes

Anytime On-Demand Deliverance and Healing:

Touch of God Ministry Online School of Ministry Classes - Anytime On-Demand Distance Learning Classes on Healing and Deliverance
Online School of Ministry Classes – Anytime On-Demand Deliverance and Healing

Video Classroom Distance Learning

The videos are intense life-changing biblical teachings on healing and deliverance from spiritual bondage affecting areas of the body, mind, will and emotions.

The goal is that the body of Christ be set free to worship fully and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Also freedom in the inmost parts from common strongholds that hinder God’s people from fulfilling their God given destiny and divine potential.

16 subjects with over 30 hours of teaching and four personal one-on-one ministry sessions through SKYPE. Our goal for you to recover from a spirit of infirmity, demonic bondage, demonic strongholds, etc.

Cost: $125.00 also included Three ebooks.

FREE: Three books included in the cost of $125.00:

1) FREE Link: “Divine Healing” by Andrew Murray.

2) FREE Link: “God’s Medicine Bottle” by Derek Prince

3) FREE Link: “The Greatest Power in the World” by Kathryn Kuhlman

4) Not a link but a recommended book “A More Excellent Way” by Henry Wright – Read Review.

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You Will Learn:
The heavenly spiritual realm, the invisible world of disembodied beings, the origin and nature of Sin manifested through humanity – increasing your discernment.
The importance of forgiveness of others who have hurt you and why we the scriptures commanded to forgive others.

Generational curses such as poverty from open doors of false religious practices, occult practices, new age, witchcraft, Freemasonry, etc. open the door to torment, bondage, etc.
Open door for Rejection and Envy and Jealousy spirits.

Why some don’t love who they are which we call Unloving Spirit (self-hatred symptoms) and how Addictions is a spiritual roots of self-hatred.

The link between stress and how it lowers the immune system causing sickness and disease such as chronic fatigue.

The depths of a broken heart affect the immune system, and intense emotional pain can activate the same neural pathways as physical pain.
Insights as to what Scripture says about the healing of disease and disease prevention God’s Way.
How Separation in three areas is Pathways of Disease and identify common pathways between complex diseases
I will be teaching the mind, body spirit connection and importance of recognizing the source of our thoughts, and more….
When you make a purchase, you will receive links to all the videos including three (3) pdf books (links to download). The book “A More Excellent Way” does not come with the links and is optional to purchase.